Painting, sculpture, photography and poems give me the uppertunity to express my thoughts,feelings and intuitions which are human and universal".

Jacqueline born  at Rotterdam and now works and lives in Gouda. Jacqueline likes to work with acryl and oilpaint,she prefers mixed   technics, abstracts and sculpture. 

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"Look, See, Reed  and Feel

Education: Autodidact

Mixed technics at the kunstkamer in Gouda [2003]

Lessons at the werkschuit in Gouda [2004]

Lessons sculptureat  at the werkschuit 2005-2006-2007-2008]-2009]

Workshop moulds portrait at the Werkschuit,Gouda [2006]

Beeldend Hout VU Gouda [2010]

Encaustic-Art VU Gouda [2010]




Book Kanker in Beeld [2003] Radio interview [2005]

Book Dit is Nederland [2006]

E-Cards With painting and Proza [2008]

Illustrations  poems cord together functioning with Ivan Jabobs [2006-2007}

Poems Silent Memorie's Stille Herinneringen [2008]

Poems and Illustrations Ik ook van Jou [I love you too} [2009]

Illustrations Children Book Pieter en Greetje [2009]



 Member of : Vereniging Krimpener Kunstwaard te Krimpena/d Ijssel